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pochette_disque - 19.7 kb
o mago hermeto

ICG 1207-1
december 2007

photo_artiste - 31.1 kb

Featuring Francois Merville on drums, percussion, electronics & production, Christophe Monniot on saxes & keyboards, Gilles Coronado on guitar and Nicolas le Moullec on electric bass. At first, I thought that I hadn’t heard of any of the members of this fine French quartet, but it turns out that two members of this quartet (Merville & Monniot) can be found on a Lennie Tristano tribute disc fronted by Stephan Oliva & Francois Roulin from the now defunct Sketch label. This is only the 5th disc on this new French label, but all previous CD’s are well worth your time. This disc is a tribute to Hermeto Pacoal, Unique Brazilian composer, whose own discs are hard to come by over here. Starting with "Ou Chante le Coq la Poule ne Chante Pas," it is obvious that this band is unique. While the bass and drums play one piece, the sax and guitar go in another direction. This music is progressive in a good way. It is always changing, always moving to a different plain. This music often has a Zappa-like quick changing quality that we love so dearly. Perhaps a bit Henry Cow-like at times. This music is both complex and joyous, with alot of unexpected twists and turns. Some pieces are stripped down yet there is always something quietly fascinating about the way move between more normal directions and then launch off into more progressive terrain. An unexpected delight although we never know what direction they will move into next. If Henry Cow came out of South America instead of the UK, they might have sounded something like this. - BLG