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ICG 1206-1
december 2006

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Featuring Francois Corneloup on soprano & bari sax, Marc Ducret on guitar and Martin France on drums. Francois Corneloup has collaborated with Louis Sclavis, Michel Godard and Francois Raulin and recorded for labels like Hatology, Nato and Clean Feed. Marc Ducret never ceases to amaze us with his distinctive and inventive guitar playing, whether working with Tim Berne in Big Satan or doing his own solo and trio discs. British drummer, Martin France, has been recorded on some 50+ discs and has worked with Evan Parker, Kenny Wheeler and John Taylor. Not a bad resume. With similar instrumentation to Tim Berne’s Big Satan, there are some similarities in sound but not their approach. "Jardin de Pierres" is a rather Big Satan-like with the dark, repeating rock riff at the beginning, then quieting down before it builds up again with a smoking baritone solo. There is a superb balance of ideas between Francois’ bari sax and Marc’s guitar on "Lagune", as Francois takes another inspired solo, Marc plays lines of riffs underneath that add both harmonic colors and rhythmic ideas that lock n with the drummer. In the middle of the tune the trio stop and then build it up once again until Francois takes a calming unaccompanied bari solo that winds down to a lovely ending. "L’Ombre d’un Chant" is another exquisite, spacious piece with lovely harmonies for the baritone sax and guitar and minimal percussion. The title track, "Ulm" is a great explosive work for eerie sustained guitar, percussive bari sax underneath and tight, powerful drums kicking it into high gear. I dig the way "Liquides Precieux" has two slow interlocking patterns that circle each other, yet remain tightly connected. The trio is slightly out-of-sink, yet the sax and guitar solo at the same time around one another, moving in waves, building to a grand conclusion. Finally, "Nocturne" has Marc playing a slightly bent chord over and over as the bari sax plays lush, restrained harmonies in spurts. Powerful medicine, that we can all use. - BLG from downtown music gallery.

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