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à quelle distance sommes-nous ?

ICG 1205-1
december 2005

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Tee Time
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january 2003

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concert video @ vilnius during the baltic tour

Featuring Andy Emler on piano, Claude Tchamitchian on contrabass and Eric Echampard on drums. This another fine French trio, the only musician here that I am previously familiar with is their drummer, Eric Echampard, who plays in Marc Ducret’s current trio, with three discs out as of now. Although I had not heard of Andy Emler before this, he has collaborated with Michel Portal, Daniel Humair and Marc Ducret and has discs out on Label Bleu. Bassist, Claude Tchamitchian has worked with Jimmy Giuffre, Joe McPhee and Linda Sharrock, as well as with a variety of fine French players. He co-founds the French label Emouvance. This disc was recorded live in the studio in November of 2005 and it sounds mostly improvised. The opening piece is short and quite mysterious with ghost-like sounds floating amongst the bowed bass and minimal percussion and piano sounds. "Quelque Chose a Dire" also begins with suspense-filled bowed bass, harp-like piano and sublime cymbal work. This piece was written by Emler and is an elegant work with a lovely, melancholy melody and superb bowed bass, rather ECM-like in sound. "L’Hiver Sans Froid" features some sparse, elegant playing, that drifts like the wind in the first half and becomes more lush and ballad-like. It is difficult to tell which pieces are completely improvised since they often have sections of what sounds like more charted terrain, especially when the piano and drums lock into these tight-knit changes. This is one of the most elegant trio offerings we’ve heard in a while that wouldn’t sound out-of-place on ECM.
-  BLG downtown music gallery.